The lure of easy riches has been the downfall of many strong men, but when a young woman with only a blind donkey to pull her wagon, an interloper for a guide and faith in her late father's map to guide her sets out for a legendary silver mine, disaster is sure to strike.

Mercy Bidwell notices a growing attraction between herself and Edward Cartier, the Canadian with a somewhat tainted reputation in camp. But her uncle won't let her set out on her daily trip to the Mano del Diablo mountains without Cartier and Frosty, an old workhand. What begins as simple daily trips to a mine soon escalates into danger.

McDavid spins a story where danger comes from some unexpected quarters, and the hero must rescue his fairy princess. This tale will keep the readers on their toes and entertained to the last page. SWEET (Jan., 192 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown