Image of Her Hero in Hiding (Silhouette Romantic Suspense)


Image of Her Hero in Hiding (Silhouette Romantic Suspense)
HER HERO IN HIDING (4.5) by Rachel Lee: This is a most unusual book filled with emotion, passion and almost unbearable suspense. Rancher and hermit Clint Ardmore is driving to his ranch in a blizzard. He has a past that makes him feel like a monster, unsuited to live with people. Along the road he finds a woman walking in the snow. Hurt and terrified, Kay Young is fleeing the man who has abused her for years; he’s found her each time she fled before. Clint spent years in special ops and convinces Kay to come back to his ranch for care. The snow is too heavy for anyone to get in to help. At first Kay is sure her ex will find her again. Slowly, Kay and Clint explore the pain the past has brought into each of their lives, and try to find a way to save Kay. The story has wonderful, heart-pounding tension combined with a serious look at responsibility and probably the best sensual love scene this reviewer has ever read.
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Page Traynor