On his way to the airport for his first real vacation in years, Dr. Noah Barrett agrees to stop at his friends sisters house to pick up some diving goggles but is rendered speechless when an eight-months pregnant woman slips a wedding band on his finger and declares to her blue-blooded grandparents that they are happily married. Sally Johnson is unaware that she has confused Noah with the orderly she hired to be her husband, and things only get worse when her grandfather slips and injures his back, prolonging their stay from a one-hour visit to a week. Noah agrees to be HER HIRED HUSBAND (4) for the duration, forfeiting a much-needed vacation in lieu of unchartered territoryhis emotions. Fans of Renee Roszel will not be disappointed in her latest as she charms readers with two lovable characters, humorous scenes and a cozy love story.

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short