Image of Her Irish Warrior


Image of Her Irish Warrior

Willingham not only delves into medieval culture, she also tells the dark side of being a woman in that era. Abuse, marriages made for gain and the lack of rights for women in that time are prevalent throughout this tale of love. The bright side is that in romantic fiction, a happy ending is expected, and it's delivered in this excellent, plot-driven, page-turner of a book.

Lady Genevieve is terribly desperate to escape a fiance of her own choosing. When Hugh turns ugly, she's terrified that he will rape or kill her. Her escape attempts aren't successful, and it's not until Bevan, an Irish warrior lord, helps her that she begins to dream of better days. Soon her hours are filled with feelings of love for the warrior, but her fear of abuse keeps her from giving herself to Bevan.

When Hugh tracks her down, both he and Bevan make appeals to the Irish and English kings for a resolution as to who will marry Genevieve. The Irish lord wins the lady and the land stolen from him by Hugh, but their troubles only deepen. When rumors that Bevan's dead wife is alive surface, Genevieve follows her new husband on his search for truth and runs straight into danger.

Love and rescue seem out of reach, but Genevieve's faith in Bevan proves true when he arrives to save the woman he loves. (Harlequin, May, 304 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith