Image of Her Knight's Quest: A Warriors of the Mist Novel


Image of Her Knight's Quest: A Warriors of the Mist Novel

The Warriors of the Mist are back, busy trying to decipher their mission from the gods. Evil sorcerer Duke Keirthan is gaining strength, which forces the warriors to split up in order to achieve their goals. Morgan provides a richly woven story that places her damned heroes on a quest for redemption that may or may not culminate in their salvation.

In order to find a way to defeat the blood magic being used by Duke Keirthan, warrior Duncan, a scholar at heart, is sent to an isolated abbey to look for ancient texts with answers. As the Warriors of the Mist have only a finite amount of time to complete their quest, time is of the essence. In charge of the abbey, Lady Lavinia is all too aware of the dangerous magic the duke employs. Also skilled in magic, Lavinia has hidden herself away from the duke who hunts her. Duncan’s arrival at the abbey is fortuitous, as he manages to stop an assassination attempt. Both Duncan and Lavinia have deep secrets, but to stop their common enemy they must find a way to trust each other. (SIGNET eclipse, Mar., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith