HER LITTLE SECRET (3) by Carol Marinelli: Doctor Nick Roberts is a complete daredevil living his life to the fullest. He travels the world only staying in a place long enough to have some fun and help patients. Nurse Alison Carter is the exact opposite. She is tied to the Australian coast town of Coogee by her mother's fragile mental health. Because of her pressing responsibilities, Alison turns Nick down when he wants to start a fling. But after working together at the hospital, Alison is increasingly attracted by Nick’s charm and genuinely caring attitude towards his patients. Eventually they do get involved but they both know that there is a time limit on their fun. When their liaison results in an unexpected pregnancy, they must make some big decisions. Hero Nick is cute and charming and simply fun to be around. It can be frustrating for Alison (and the reader) that he is so unwilling to investigate his feelings and be honest with himself and others. However, this is something that Alison teaches him — just like he teaches her to have some fun. It is nice to read about two characters that have such a capacity for growth. 

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne