PI and fraud expert Leo Friday has seen a lot in his years on the job, but nothing prepares him for his newest case.

The Board of Directors of Kimball Technologies, run by the eccentric and brilliant billionaire Schuyler Kimball, suspects that 50 million dollars in profit has disappeared. The Board wants Leo to secretly track down the money posing as a regular audit accountant. When his search of the offices proves fruitless Leo must infiltrate Ashling Mansion, Kimballs home.

From the start it seems that Schuylers social secretary Lily Rigby is in charge. Leo suspects that the seductive Lily is more than a secretary to Schuyler. Also in residence are Schuylers eccentric mother and sister. Then there is 14-year-old Chloe Sandusky. Officially she is Schuylers ward, but unofficially it is apparent she is his illegitimate daughter. Chloe has moved in following the death of her exotic dancer mother. Chloe has the same frighteningly brilliant mind as her father, and all the rage of a lonely and confused teenager.

Someone in this household must hold the key to the missing money. Leo can only hope the oh-so-attractive Ms. Rigby is not in it up to her eyeballs.

Elizabeth Bevarly really outdoes herself with this fun-filled romp. HER MAN FRIDAY utilizes Ms. Bevarlys strengths of humor and characterization to bring this wonderfully charming story to life. (July, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith