Image of Her McKnight in Shining Armor


Image of Her McKnight in Shining Armor

HER MCKNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR (4.5) by Teresa Southwick: Architect Suellen Hart has been given a second shot at her career after her first left her jobless and heartbroken — but wiser to a certain brand of male charm. That is, until she gets a load of contractor Alex McKnight and forgets all her past lessons. After Alex’s ex lied and then left, he thought he was immune to female allure, until stubborn Texan Ellie blows his intentions as high as the Montana sky. Giving in to their lust leaves more consequences than awkward working conditions, but it could lead to love if they dare chance it. Southwick’s touching Big Sky romance blooms beautifully amidst small-town meddling. Readers will enjoy equal doses of laugh-out-loud humor and tenderness, along with page-searing love scenes.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt