Image of Her Mother's Killer


Image of Her Mother's Killer

Crooks’ latest, with a murder at its center, is set in the Tennessee mountains. Solid storytelling with efficient, snappy dialogue moves this story along at a good pace, and the chemistry between Adrienne and Mick is intense and passionate. It’s an entertaining read, though the plot is somewhat predictable and the ending feels a bit cliche.

Adrienne Morelli balks at having bodyguard Mick Corrigan by her side as she attends an important business meeting. Working on her father’s orders, Mick is there to watch over Adrienne because a murderer is still on the loose — the same one who killed her mother. Adrienne is bitter because Mick left her abruptly after spending an intimate night together six months ago. She doesn’t realize Mick hasn’t stopped thinking about her since that night. As Adrienne works to close the business deal, Mick is by her side to protect her — but can he protect his heart? (PAMCROOKS.COM, Nov., 228 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates