This latest Lunewolf installment tells the story of Simone, a werewolf living with her former lover—the pack's leader—and his new mate. Simone resists the leader's attempt to control her life, but when a hot new wolf joins the pack, she soon discovers she is more than willing to submit to the dominance of this sexy, mysterious wolf.

Despite some pretty racy sex scenes, the novel is hard to get into. The conceit of comparing werewolf culture to real wolf interaction is a common one, and it works, but the constant reference to females as bitches rankles. The central story between the two leads lacks real depth, while the other characters are lacking in development. Readers who like paranormal romance may enjoy this, but beware: With visceral sex skirting the edges of bestiality, the content may offend some readers. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jen Schaefer