Image of Her Outlaw


Image of Her Outlaw

For those of us who fell
in love with the McBride Menaces in The Bad Luck Wedding Dress, The Bad Luck Bride series has been a rare treat. Dawson brings it to a perfect conclusion with
a humorous yet poignant climax that does not disappoint.

It's been a long time since Emma McBride Tate has been a true menace, and she's itching to do something "bad." But she never suspects that she'll end up seducing Alistair "Dair" MacRae and then holding up his carriage to reclaim the necklace he's stolen.

Dair has his reasons for wanting both the ruby jewel and Emma. They are ties to his past and to the truth about his mother's death. A Highland reiver, sexy, tender and dangerous, he's the man to force Emma out of her respectable shell and turn her into the passionate woman who can break the McBride bad luck streak. But only if she finds a true and valiant love and has the courage to unlock the mystery of the Sisters' Treasure before evil from the past destroys them. (HQN, May, 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin