Businesswoman Meredith Statton has come a long way from the orphanage in Sydney, Australia. It was not until Meredith arrived in the US as an au pair that she finally discovered a sense of family and love with Jack and Amelia Silver at their Silver Inn. Their early deaths left Meredith and her baby daughter bereft emotionally but financially wealthy.

In the intervening years, Meredith created a small empire of international inns. She also married and divorced, leaving her with two children to raise. Now 44, with a daughter on the verge of marriage, Meredith suddenly becomes stricken with debilitating symptoms of an undiagnosed ailment.

The trouble really began when Meredith visited England and the potential site of a new inn. While walking among the Fountains Abbey, Meredith felt both intense sadness and a disturbing feeling of deja vu. The only positive to come out of her trip is a new relationship with French architect Luc de Montboucher.

After tests reveal no organic ailment, Meredith turns to a psychologist. As she begins a voyage of discovery, Meredith realizes much of what she believed about her childhood is false. The truth may change her life.

Perennial best seller Barbara Taylor Bradford provides another sterling example of the complex and emotional tales she excels at delivering. (June, 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith