Image of For Her Pleasure


Image of For Her Pleasure

This trio of stories by Banks features
some suspenseful moments and some
fairly alpha, yet caring, heroes. This book should appeal to readers who don't mind strong heroines who are
a bit selfish and not too bright; bad cops; violence against women; and past rapes and near-rapes. The sex
is quite explicit and includes BDSM, menage à trois and anal sex.

In "What She Wants," a past attack has changed Kit and put a hold on her liaison with Mat and Ryder. Now the reappearance of her attacker has them re-evaluating their relationship. "What She Needs" has Kit and Mat accepting their three-way bond, but Ryder feels like a fifth wheel -- until tragedy strikes.

When Jack disappears after one night of sex with Mia, she hates him. Two years later, he turns up when she needs him most -- and Mia discovers hate and love are closely related in "What She Craves." (hEAT, Sep., 368 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley