Image of Her Rodeo Cowboy


Image of Her Rodeo Cowboy
HER RODEO COWBOY (3) by Debra Clopton: When Montana Brown quits her job, she accepts an invitation from her cousin Lacy to come stay with her and her husband in Mule Hollow, and help out by taking care of their baby. It gives her a chance to pursue her dream of becoming a professional barrel racer. Luke Holden is working to build a business providing stock for rodeos. Neither are looking for love, but when Mule Hollow’s matchmaking posse zeros in on them, they find themselves spending a lot of time together. The first in Clopton’s new Mule Hollow Homecoming trilogy features the Holden brothers and charming secondary characters. Yet the matchmaking and manipulation of the main characters gets a bit irritating.
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley