Army officer Drayton McKenzie suddenly inherits the title of Duke of Ryland and custody of a distant cousin's three illegitimate daughters: Caroline, a successful London dressmaker, whose sharp tongue and beauty intrigue Drayton; street-smart Simone; and ethereal Fiona, more fairy then child.

After moving into Ryland Castle, they are set upon by Lady Aubrey, the harridan who's determined to turn them all into aristocrats. If that isn't enough, Drayton's army buddies arrive, along with Caroline's best friend, but even in a house full of guests, children, stray animals and nosy servants, Caroline and Drayton find time for desire to sweep them away. But is it love or lust, and how do they find out?

LaFoy's light and tender romance is pure fun, a delectable confection filled with engaging characters, sparkling dialogue and sizzling love scenes. What a joy to experience a story about family mayhem! SENSUAL (May, 346 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin