The Bad Luck McBride Menaces are back in the second of Dawson's Bride trilogy as Kat McBride tries to break the infamous family curse by finding her true love.

Kat certainly didn't find true love with Rory Callahan, who "married" her and then died, leaving her pregnant. He promised Kat the jeweled cross he sold to infamous treasure hunter Jake Kimball, and she's determined to get what's hers from the ruthless scoundrel.

When Jake sees Kat, he thinks she's the golden-haired woman with the green necklace from his vision. But this hellcat can't be his dream lover.

They meet again in England, when Kat rescues one of Jake's nieces. With help from the nieces -- who could give the Menaces a run for their money -- Kat and Jake find themselves married. They enjoy a sensual fantasy honeymoon, but to find true happiness they must see the connection between the bad luck curse and Jake's vision.

Everything you love about the Bad Luck series is beautifully rolled into Kat and Jake's love story: madness, mayhem, humor, adventure, passion, steamy love scenes and the ties that bind a family together. Dawson touches the heart with a story that captures the meaning of trust and love in a relationship and leaves you eager for the next installment. SENSUAL (Dec., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin