Image of Her Secondhand Groom (Volume 3)


Image of Her Secondhand Groom (Volume 3)

In this third book of the Groom series, Gordon yet again offers a historical romance that’s not only extremely vibrant with details and memorable characters, but also adds that touch of humor that makes her series stand out from the rest. This is a truly fun plot, and readers will be extremely interested to see the viscount try to get out of his particular “pickle,” facing a very strong and humorous Juliet.

On the hunt for an undemanding woman who will simply care for his children and leave him alone, Viscount Patrick Ramsay remembers the Hughes family, who are indebted to him for sending their daughter to school. Using that IOU, he decides to marry a Hughes. Juliet already feels like a failure because she was unable to snag a husband during her debut season. When the man Juliet calls “Lord Presumptuous” thinks he’s going to join hands with her sister, the pretty Hughes’ girl, Juliet tries to explain the mistake to him. But she gets the brush-off and ends up being the one who’s stuck with him for life. (ROSEGORDON.NET, dl $4.99)

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