Lady Kailey Hewett is alone in the world, except for her new husband. Baron Simon de Marchand arrived like the dark angel, with all the charm of a viper, and turned her life upside down.

Simon welcomes his new bride, even though she comes to him with a despired family name.Their journey home is postponed since Simon, as the King's justiciar, must leave his bride at a local inn while he listens to the public's concerns.

Kailey won't stay put. She invades the courtroom, interferes with his investigations, challenges his judgments and adopts every stray within reach.

Simon doesn't know whether to lock her in her room or kiss his feisty, generous bride. Their love blossoms slowly as they learn each other's idiosyncrasies and save a few "clients" along the way. Their newfound happiness, however, is threatened by a 20-year-old conspiracy that can easily destroy their future.

This is a passionate, heart-wrenching tale of honor and justice, loyalty and betrayal, and love and forgiveness. Though Kailey may seem a bit too modern, readers will adore her and Simon. SENSUAL (Apr., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer