Image of Her Secret, His Baby


Image of Her Secret, His Baby

HER SECRET, HIS BABY (4.5) by Tanya Michaels: On the night of her deceased sister-in-law’s birthday, the first one they haven’t spent together since they were five, Arden Cade seeks solace in the bed of cowboy Garrett Frost. Six months later, she’s expecting his child. She doesn’t plan to tell Garrett, but circumstances bring about his discovery of her pregnancy. Having just been told by his mother that someone other than the man who raised him is his father, Garrett doesn’t take the news that Arden had never planned to tell him very well. Michaels makes it easy to sympathize with both the hero and the heroine in this fantastic first book of the Colorado Cades trilogy. It’s truly enjoyable to watch their relationship develop and love win the day once again.

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley