When a band of thieves terrorizes her villagers and harms her small daughter, recently widowed Lady Joanna realizes she needs a protector. Unwilling to remarry, she hires a mercenary to protect her holdings.

Logan Grimm's skills as a hired sword are legendary. A man with a strong will and pride to match, Logan plans to refuse Joanna's request. Then he meets the lady and feels compelled to stay.

The tall, well-built knight stirs more than simple admiration in Joanna and while he searches for the outlaws, she tries to shield her heart.

Anton crafts the kind of charming, delightful romance that captures not only the spirit of the Middle Ages but the heart of her characters as well. It is so much fun to watch Joanna and Logan as they succumb to desire and then love. The story sparkles with originality as readers discover the outlaws' identities and how they are dispatched. SENSUAL (Jan., 384 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin