Image of Her Sexiest Surprise


Image of Her Sexiest Surprise
Chloe Baxter has always sacrificed for her sister and her alcoholic father, and her birthday gift to herself is a sexy night with Riley Connelly, a man who comes into the restaurant where she works. They have hot sex, but Chloe has no idea he's actually a cop, investigating her boss, who the police think is a member of a crime family. When Chloe gets a job working with her boss's family as cook and housekeeper, she sees the family's activities firsthand. How will she feel betraying those she feels she owes loyalty to? Her Sexiest Surprise (2), by Dawn Atkins, has an old-fashioned feel in the bad sense. It's dated and hard to believe the gangsters or Chloe's relationship with Riley. The characters aren't endearing.
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Page Traynor