Image of Her So-Called Fiance


Image of Her So-Called Fiance

HER SO-CALLED FIANCE (4.5) by Abby Gaines: When Miss Georgia, Sabrina Merritt, returns home, having been eliminated from the Miss USA pageant, she's met by reporters and her ex-boyfriend, gubernatorial hopeful Jake Warrington. Knowing Jake hates her for exposing his father's bribe-taking as governor years earlier, Sabrina wonders what he's after. After she learns he'd like her to endorse him for governor, she announces that they're engaged to get a job as a spokesperson for a nonprofit agency. Forced into constant contact, the two soon learn their attraction is very much alive. Sabrina and Jake's relationship is terrifically sexy, and the tension between the two is very realistic. Gaines also has a real talent for sparkling dialogue.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay