The fifth book in the Lunewulf series is the story of Trudy Rousseau, a widow looking for a new mate--one that will treat her better than her last one. When she travels from Canada to North Dakota to stay with some friends of her pack leader's, she has no idea what she is walking into.

Adam Knight, an agent with Werewolf Affairs, is looking into the disappearances of several wolves. It seems that there's a traitor among the community who is giving information to humans. Adam must find out who's behind this, and he doesn't need the distraction that is Trudy. Their reaction to each other is immediate and hot--they can't seem to get enough of each other. Trudy is strong and beautiful and an equal match for Adam in bed. When Adam looks into a tip about the human behind the killings and doesn't return, Trudy decides she must save the man she loves.

O'Clare has done it again. This page-turner is filled with well-developed characters and sparkling, sharp-witted dialogue. The attraction between Adam and Trudy is so strong you can feel it. A definite do-not-miss! (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager