Image of Her Surprise Hero


Image of Her Surprise Hero
HER SURPRISE HERO (4) by Abby Gaines: After an embarrassing incident at work, lawyer Cynthia Merritt's high-powered attorney father ships her off to Stonewall Hollow to get some experience as a state court judge -- and to wait until the gossip dies down. Certain she can handle a small-town judgeship, Cynthia is shocked to find out the job is harder than she though, especially when she meets Ethan Granger, who works with kids assigned to community service and is determined to run her out of town. When the town starts to turn against her, Cynthia works with Ethan to regain people's respect. Gaines' lively tale is full of humor and well-drawn characters. Cynthia's propensity to hide in closets for a feeling of safety and Ethan's inability to trust are clearly depicted in the couple's actions.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay