Image of Her Texas Lawman (Silhouette Special Edition)


Image of Her Texas Lawman (Silhouette Special Edition)
When teacher Lucita Sanchez's car is run off the road, Deputy Sheriff Ripp McCleod refuses to believe it was anything more than an accident. Then Lucita starts receiving notes asking for money -- which eventually become a ransom demand when her son is kidnapped. She's convinced the culprit is her lowlife ex-husband, but there's no evidence to support it. Ripp stays close to protect Lucita, and soon they're a couple. But her ex's behavior has left Lucita wary, and Ripp takes her caution personally. Stella Bagwell's Her Texas Lawman (3) is well plotted and has some nice twists, but the characters don't mesh very well.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer