Image of Her Unexpected Cowboy


Image of Her Unexpected Cowboy
HER UNEXPECTED COWBOY (3) by Debra Clopton: Lucy Calvery finds remodeling her new place to be very therapeutic after her ex-husband betrayed her, leaving her with a number of physical and emotional scars. Her neighbor is Rowdy McDermott. His family runs a ranch foster program for teen boys. He had a reckless past and worries that Lucy will not be able to see past that. Lucy believes Rowdy will turn out to be just like her ex. Can she trust him enough to share her scars and pain? Will the boys at the ranch act as a catalyst for healing? If you are looking for a fresh start, Clopton’s story may be for you. While Rowdy’s story drags out a bit, the message that everyone has scars is a powerful one.
Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee