Standing on that bridge in 1926, Charles Garrity knew he was facing almost certain death. Either his betraying partner Mitch Davies will shoot him or Charles can take his chances and jump. Charles chooses to jump, but his fall seems to last forever.

Betrayed wife Suzanne McDermott is beside herself with anger, humiliation and hurt. Suzanne is eight months pregnant and that morning her husband Kevin informed her that he has been having an affair with Suzannes best friend and wants a divorce.

Contemplating the ruin of her life, Suzanne is standing next to Rancocas Creek looking into the water, when she notices what looks like a body. Realizing that its a person, Suzanne pulls the man from the water and performs CPR. While she manages to revive the man, Suzanne also goes into labor, forcing an extremely confused Charles to attempt to drive her car to the hospital. Considering the last car Charles drove was a Model T, things are a bit dicey.

Charles stays with Suzanne throughout the birth and while she realizes there is something strange about Charles, his support is invaluable. Once Charles explains his extraordinary circumstances, Suzanne knows she can not turn her back on his problems. Both have been betrayed by those they trusted; by helping each other, can they conquer their own respective hurdles?

No one does time-travel quite like Constance ODay Flannery and with this book she again shows shes one of the best. (Oct., 365 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith