At age 31, pragmatic businesswomen Augusta Mudd decides its time to marry and sets her sights on widower Amos Dewey. But Amos is still grieving for his wife and turns down her questions on marriage.

Gussie decides he just needs a push in the right direction and asks her employee, Rome Akers, to help make Amos jealous. In exchange for his aid, Rome will receive a partnership in Gussies ice business.

However, when the game begins working too well and Rome realizes he might be falling for Gussie and she for him, complications arise. But like a good Shakespearian comedy, alls well that ends well.

Not only does Ms. Morsi completely capture early-20th century small-town Texas, but her wit, tenderness and warm-hearted, real characters will ensnare readers. Though not as charming and sensual as Courting Miss Hattie, HERE COMES THE BRIDE is a sweet treat. SENSUAL (Jul., 350 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin