Cate has known Ethan for most of her life, but only recently have they acknowledged their love for one another. Cate hopes for a marriage proposal during their weekend jaunt to Mexico, but what she gets is a shock when she discovers Ethan's former girlfriend, Janet, there.

Back home, Cate does get her proposal, which leads to wedding plans. From the start, though, things don't go smoothly. Cate loses her engagement ring; Janet plans to move close to them and calls Ethan all the time; Cate's mother decides to boycott the wedding when she hears Cate is moving in with Ethan before the ceremony; and Ethan's cousin appears determined to help Janet win Ethan back. In the midst of all this, Cate entertains thoughts of eloping.

This engaging story is fun and a relaxing read. It's a slice of life that follows the main characters through the ups and downs and ins and outs of the journey from engagement to the walk down the aisle. The characters are a delight. (Jul., 304 pp., $13.00)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley