Image of Here Comes the Groom (Going Back #1682)


Image of Here Comes the Groom (Going Back #1682)
HERE COMES THE GROOM (4.5) by Karina Bliss: Dan Jansen comes home from Afghanistan emotionally distraught and determined to marry his best friend, small-town newspaper owner Jo Swann. Dan starts planning their wedding, and Jo, knowing he wants children, tells him about the breast cancer she battled while he was gone, which has reduced her ability to conceive. Sure of his love, Dan convinces Jo to marry him anyhow, but when he begins to have doubts, it is Jo’s turn to set him straight. These characters have real depth. Bliss’ depiction of their emotions and their refusal to give in to them is quite realistic. Jo’s struggle with her ailing grandmother adds an additional layer of depth to the story.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay