Image of Here I Go Again: A Novel


Image of Here I Go Again: A Novel

As the films Back to the Future and Peggy Sue Got Married did for the generation that came of age in the ‘50s, Here I Go Again brings time travel back to high school glory days to a new generation. Witty dialogue and ‘90s references abound as Lancaster takes readers back to high school. It’s a nostalgic delight!

Lissy Ryder ruled the school back in the ‘90s as head of her high school clique, the Belles. But adult life hasn’t turned out so great for Lissy as she finds her mean-girl ways don’t translate well in the real world. After Lissy loses her job and her husband, she ends up living back at her parents’ house in her old room. At her 20th high school reunion Lissy realizes what a truly negative impact her behavior had on her peers and vows to change her ways. But can she change the past? She manages to go back in time, not realizing exactly how much her actions to remedy the past will affect her future. (NAL, Jan., 320 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Mandy Boles