This book makes you remember why you first fell in love with romance. It rates with the very best. The 19th-century sheriff ends up in a Napa Valley vineyard, protecting a lovely, good-hearted woman. The extended family
is straight out of a Dallas rerun. The elements by themselves might seem standard, but the author folds them together so beautifully you cannot resist being swept up into the story
any more than you could resist another visit with Pride and Prejudice. This
is a deeply satisfying read.

George Tyler's life has been wholly preoccupied with finding the men who raped and murdered his pregnant wife. Then he ends up making a quick trip from 1888 to 2006 in time to save a pregnant woman from drowning. He further agrees to pose as Melody's husband, so that she can visit her dying grandmother without revealing her upcoming single motherhood.

Melody's grandmother owns, operates and loves a Napa Valley vineyard. However, it becomes clear to George that someone in the family is not only odd but out to harm Melody. He resolves to protect her as he was unable to protect his wife. Falling in love with her takes him completely by surprise. George must try to accept his place in this time, save Melody and see how much she cares for him. This is the second in a pair of time-travel tales. (Berkley Sensation, Nov., 308 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan