Image of The Heretic Queen: A Novel


Image of The Heretic Queen: A Novel

The author of Nefertiti turns her attention to the Queen's niece Nefertari, who became Ramesses the Great's wife. Moran's respect for the queen is evident
as Nefertari tells her story, simply, humbly and in a clear voice that will attract readers.

As the sole survivor of the fire that consumed the palace, Nefertari is the forgotten princess. The names of her heretic relatives are not even whispered at court. Allowed to run wild, she is tutored along with Ramesses and is to join the temple when his aunt takes an interest in seeing her become the next queen.

Intelligent, fluent in several languages and a natural diplomat, Nefertari gains Ramesses' love. But making her queen nearly causes a rebellion among the common people, who fear she is a heretic. They reign in an era of political turmoil, contending with war, famine and the demands of the prophet Moses to allow his people to return to Canaan. Nefertari uses her wits and love for Ramesses to rise above the public anger and rule as his true partner. (Crown, Sep., 375 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin