Image of The Hermetic Millennia (The Eschaton Sequence)


Image of The Hermetic Millennia (The Eschaton Sequence)

A continuation of Count to a Trillion, Wright’s latest is set at a slower pace than most space operas, but the novel more than makes up for it with brilliant speculative information about what the future holds for planet Earth. Not to mention a dazzling, supergenius space cowboy of a hero! Interested readers will want to pick up Count to a Trillion prior to tackling this installment, as this book begins right where the previous entry left off.

After discovering that in 8,000 years aliens will visit Earth and possibly enslave humans, mathematical genius Menelaus Illation Montrose has chosen to freeze himself once again so that he can be alive for the eventual conflict. However, 8,000 years of sleep doesn’t come easy for Montrose, who is awakened early only to discover that those who were frozen with him are gone. Suspecting his colleague “Blackie,” who went rogue after injecting himself with the same biochemical responsible for Menelaus’ intelligence, Menelaus is determined to intercept both Blackie, who threatens Earth’s present, and the aliens that hover over Earth’s future. (TOR, Jan., 400 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Janine Johnston