In the third novel of the Heroes at Heart series, U.S. astronaut Buck Hero and his brothers are on a covert assignment to explore the planet Paradise. In Springer's previous two novels with Buck's brothers Joe and Ben, readers learned that on this planet the women rule and men are used as sex slaves.

In A Hero Betrayed, Buck is kidnapped by a group of women called Yellow Hairs. The Yellow Hairs infect Buck with "passion poison," enabling him to have sex with the lot of them, after which the cannibalistic women plan to take his life.

Fugitive Virgin Ellis, the former High Queen, rescues Buck—but only for the purpose of betraying him. Before she can complete her plans, there is only one cure to save Buck's life before the poison kills him: sex.

Strongly attracted to Virgin, and with his desires out of control, Buck doesn't see this as a problem. Virgin's plans go awry, but not before the time she and Buck spend together raises some unexpected feelings in them both.

If you've enjoyed the first two books in this series, A Hero Betrayed won't disappoint. Buck, his brothers and their women all work vigorously to right some serious wrongs in this enticing read. This is best read as part of the series, not as a stand-alone. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor