How often do we encounter a character in our reading who is so captivating that we wish they had their own story? Well, sometimes wishes do come true as a trio of ladies bring those luscious heroes back for an encore.

In Laurens' One Wild Night, we met Reggie Carrington. Now, in "Lost and Found," he meets his match in Anne Ashford, who's intent on locating a foundling's aristocratic father leads them into a bit of mayhem and a great deal of passion.

Harry Chamberlain appeared in Dodd's In Your Arms and he's about to find out what love means when he discovers Jessie Macmillan hiding in the bushes to avoid an unwanted suitor. Intrigued, Henry has no idea that love is waiting for him when he helps her out in "The Third Suitor."

Remember war-wounded James Reyburn from Boyle's Once Tempted? He meets his match in Amanda, who's made the mistake of agreeing to a bargain with the local matchmaker. How it's all resolved will delight Boyle fans and bring her new ones in "The Matchmaker's Bargain."

This utterly delightful anthology will light up your nights with its warmhearted, sensual love stories that will have you believing in happily ever afters. SENSUAL (Jun., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin