Image of A Hero in the Making


Image of A Hero in the Making
A HERO IN THE MAKING (4.5) by Kay Stockham: Skylar Mathews-Adams brings son Cody to the Second Chance Ranch in Montana, hoping the vacation will help him cope with the death of the man he thought was his father. But when they arrive, Skylar runs into Marcus Whitefeather, Cody’s biological father, almost immediately. Having sent a pregnant Skylar away when he lost the use of his legs due to a football injury, Marcus has had years to regret his decision and wants a second chance with both Skylar and his son. Stockham does a particularly good job portraying character emotions; both Skylar’s and Marcus’s feelings and motivation ring true. The story is both realistic and heartwarming, and the couple’s ability to reconnect in spite of the past is nicely portrayed.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay