Jenna McLean's sexual fantasies still revolve around Sully Hero, even though they broke up more than four years ago. Out one night with her friend Meemee, they jokingly write an ad describing the perfect man for Jenna. It's Sully -- that is, the Sully she would like him to be. Her fantasies include a visit to the Menage Club, where couples can fulfill their fantasies.

When Meemee playfully shows what they wrote to Sully, Jenna has no idea that plans will be put in motion -- plans that will surely involve sexual adventures beyond her wildest fantasies.

Jenna and Sully are very likable, although Jenna is portrayed as an insecure, plus-size heroine infatuated by a perfectly gorgeous hero. The impression that physical lust will lead to romantic love and trust is disturbing. Also, the time flow for this story seems off, and it's difficult to place the time period it takes place in. (dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley