The story is action packed and will keep readers on the edge of their seats. There is excellent character development and all of the heroes are relatable and sympathetic. When a friend falls in battle, the pain this causes Taitou is palpable. The only problem with the Manga is that the art is a bit too simplistic for such a fantastic story.

Taitou has renewed hope for the future of his country after a secret meeting with the emperor. Unfortunately, the meeting becomes a target and enemy soldiers attack the Touyuu Temple. Ryuushou stays behind to fend off the encroaching warriors while Taitou and the rest of the group make a hasty retreat. But it is not long before Taitou's arch enemy Keirou catches up with them. Even though Taitou’s skills have vastly improved, he is still no match for Keirou and his men. Someone from Taitou's party is sacrificed to save the rest of the group leaving Taitou to wonder if he will ever be able to stop the needless killing of his brave friends. (Yen Press, June 2010, 173 pp., $10.99, Manga, ISBN: 978-0316085014) *Web Exclusive Review*
Reviewed by: 
Emilee Dellinger