If I were to remember anything about HEROES AND HUNKS, it would be the mild language used throughout the book. In a contemporary setting, this hero curses with words like "gosh-awful," "doggone" and "goshdarn." Poe's mild-tongued hero is Brad Denton, a former rodeo cowboy who is hired by Twyla Twitt to photograph a series of sexy men for her new magazine, Heroes and Hunks.

Twyla and Brad are placed in mildly amusing situations, but no aspect is memorable and a lot of it borders on the unbelievable. For example, Twyla is worthy of the name "Twitt" when she accepts her sister's bargain that if she cannot make the magazine's early issues profitable, the two sisters will each get married (in the absence of currently acceptable prospects): a goofy, indefensible bargain. Poe tries for a slapstick flavor with pratfalls and stumbles, but they are not particularly original or amusing, as when Twyla violently pushes Brad away, yet her "jerky movement sent them both flying onto the truck's cushioned bed, with him landing neatly on top of her."

HEROES AND HUNKS is only recommended to readers who may enjoy old-fashioned characters with some mild levity. (Sep., 181 pp., $10.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kay Mayo