Sheryl Nantus brings us another robust adventure in the third installment of her superheroes series. Fast pacing and continuously evolving worldbuilding will keep your attention firmly engaged as you race to the ending. Brisk and playful, Nantus achieves the perfect balance between romance and explosive action as our protagonist seeks once again to save the world. Some readers may find the story’s reveal to be too formulaic; however, the journey remains enjoyable.

As ex-reality tv star turned superhero Jo Tanis recovers from life-threatening injuries she received in Las Vegas, she receives information about the possible whereabouts of the Controller, a rogue agent who has the firepower to destroy all the supers. Jo heads to Oregon to follow up on the lead, against her boyfriend’s objections. She knows they have to destroy the Controller before he destroys them. In Oregon, she meets a former superhero who’s determined to take out their common enemy, no matter what the consequences are. As Jo struggles to contain the situation, she finds herself the victim of betrayal once again, and is forced to confront her worst fear: fight her ex-teammates or die. (SAMHAINPUBLISHING.com, dl. $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Tori Benson