Three strong-willed heroines discover the wonder of A Hero's Kiss in this trio of historical westerns.

The magic of Palmer's Long, Tall Texans series continues with legendary Big John Jacobs, 'The Founding Father' of Jacobsville. John needs a railroad spur close to home if he is ever to make an empire of the 3J Ranch. Courting Ellen, the 'unmarriageable' daughter of a railroad magnate, seems the perfect solution to his problem. This sweetly evolving tale recounts how Ellen comes to be John's 'most prized treasure.'

A starchy heroine and disreputable hero strike a 'Wild West Wager' that sets tongues a-wagging in Stacy's romantic, funny tale. Jack needs Rebecca to turn his house into an inviting home, and he is desperate enough to let her name her price. He just never thought the price would be so scandalous!

In 'Snow Maiden,' assembling a church organ creates a clash of wills between Sophia and Adam. Failure to finish the beautiful instrument means Sophie cannot return to her Russian home. For Adam, the completion of the organ means the ultimate loss of his beloved sister. Burton writes a tender love story, but the ending is rushed. (Dec., 360 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell