Piper Hero embarks on a top-secret, intergalactic mission to locate and rescue their brothers. After crash landing on the matriarch-ruled planet Paradise, Piper is sick and alone in the Fever Swamps. Outlaw Jarod Ellis rescues and heals her.

Jarod has suffered at the hands of women but is still attracted to Piper. When Piper hears that her sisters may have been sold as sex slaves to the patriarch-ruled Death Valley Boys, she insists on rescuing them. Jarod knows the dangers she will face and goes along to ensure her safety.

In addition to a weak plot and stilted dialogue, the characters are undeveloped. Jarod is a bland hero and Piper and her siblings seem to have been given exciting careers for the sake of appearing interesting. The technical details and action necessary to their NASA astronaut and space rescuer careers are missing. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Angela Black