With his friend Merrick happily wed, and his near-death experience at his friend's hands behind him, Sir Henry D'Alton sets out to win his own fortune, and perhaps recover from the torture he suffered when all of the people in his life believed him a traitor.

Mathilde needs a knight, and when Henry stops in her village, she convinces him to help her and her sister fight their dastardly cousin Roald for their estate. Henry has run afoul of Roald before and is happy to take up the challenge. What he doesn't count on is Mathilde, or his love for her.

Once Roald arrives, chaos and destruction follow when he lays siege to the estate and brags to all who will listen how he ruined Mathilde. But Henry is not without allies, and they arrive in force with his friend Ranulf to win the day -- and perhaps the lady.

The second in Moore's traditional tales about three men who grew to knighthood together follows the genre without fail and will certainly fill a cold winter night's reading, but gentle readers may want a book with less description of sexual assault and the recovery afterward. SENSUAL (Feb., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Anne Black