Image of Hers for the Evening


Image of Hers for the Evening

Haynes pens three loosely connected
stories about clients of Courtesans, a private agency that provides exactly what its name implies. The first story could have used a little more plot and conflict between the main characters; in the second, Haynes reworks a familiar masquerade theme into a hot, fresh story; and the final novella is definitely worth waiting for and is a must-read for anyone who thought You've Got Mail could have used a little sex.

Courtney hopes that Robyn, the courtesan her friend Devon hired for her and Seth, will help put the spark back in her marriage, but she soon discovers that "Three's a Crowd." Devon has wanted her co-worker Hunter for years, and quickly realizes that "The Stand-In" just isn't as good as the real thing. Simon knows that the only way to capture Haley's attention -- and her heart -- is to e-mail her one command: "Surrender to Me." (HEAT, May, 336 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes