Born into wealthy St. Louis society, Carlotta (Cari) Fremont has been sold into marriage by her gambling-crazed father to the cruel and unstable Adrian Fremont.

Adrian uses their son Nicky to force Cari's compliance and delights in humiliating her, while taunting his brother, Julian, who also wants to possess Cari.

When Adrian and Nicky perish in a fire that destroys their home, Cari is devastated and haunted by the loss of her son. With no friends to turn to, she finds it almost impossible to escape from the clutches of her perverted and powerful brother-in-law, Julian. As a last desperate effort to avoid an equally horrible fate, she offers herself as a bargaining chip to Julian's greatest enemy, Dominic Saxton.

Dominic is entranced by the coldly beautiful Cari. Though Cari's bargain is made only in a spirit of revenge, his acceptance comes from a strong attraction. Dominic desperately wants Cari and sets out to win her heart.

These wounded lovers eventually find their way to true love through trust and an overwhelming passion. Ms. Garrett has put her considerable writing talent into love scenes that will melt the pages. Prepare for a heat wave! VERY SENSUAL (Nov., 411 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce