In the third of a seven-book series, Mary B. Morrison focuses on Fancy and her search to snag a husband. After dating 26 men in 52 weeks, Fancy decides this is the year to find a wealthy husband. Byron has it all—unfortunately—Fancy discovers that includes a wife and kids as well. But even then, she's not sure she can let go. Hers is a journey to discover there's more to life than the good times money can buy.

Although the author has created some very diverse secondary characters, there are some major flaws. Differentiating between flashbacks and present day quickly becomes problematic, and you often feel you've missed essential information. And Fancy constantly cheats and lies, though her history does foster an understanding as to why she behaves that way.

Though the story endorses safe sex, abortion appears to be an acceptable birth-control method. The language is often coarse, and there's a rape scene. The first two books in the series should be read first. (Aug., 272 pp., $24.00)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley