Image of Hex in High Heels


Image of Hex in High Heels

It's time for more romantic high jinks and sinister magic in the newest treat from hot talent Wisdom. This time the romantic spotlight shines on two former secondary players, witch Blair Fitzpatrick and were-collie Jake Harrison. Wisdom does a truly wonderful job mixing passion, danger and outrageous antics into a tasty blend that's sure to satisfy.

Life has been getting back to normal in the small town of Moonstone Lake after the terrifying events of Samhain. Although the townsfolk don't remember nearly burning their resident witches at the stake, Blair Fitzpatrick does, for it was were-collie Jake Harrison who saved her life. Just when Jake starts to make his romantic move on Blair, more trouble comes to town. Roan Thorpe is the alpha heir apparent, and he's planning to make Moonstone Lake his new pack grounds. The arrogant wolf never dreamed he'd run into serious opposition from witches and a were-collie! (SOURCEBOOKS, Oct., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith