Five years ago, just before their divorce was final, Nick Egan was killed in a terrorist attack. At least thats what the world, his wife, and his son all thought. But they were wrong. He was actually being held in a terrorist prison. Now, after five long years of reflecting on his past mistakes, Nick wants to prove to his wife and son that hes a changed man.

When he learns Katherine had been pregnant at the time of his capture, and that he has another son, hes even more determined to win his family back.

Much to Katherines dismay, her boys are delighted with their fathers return. She would be, too, if she thought for a minute that he really was a changed man. One chance is all shell reluctantly grant him, not knowing that he and the boys have entered into a conspiracy. Not only is Linda Windsor uproariously wicked with her humor, but she creates a heart-touching situation that will capture the imagination of her readers and have them falling in love with her writing style and her characters. (Feb., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Diane Johnson