Image of Hidden - Sisters Of The Heart


Image of Hidden - Sisters Of The Heart

While the spiritual references are a bit light in the first of the Sisters of the Heart series, it is a quick read, and the characters are well developed. You will be reminded that you can never really outrun your life ... and it may make you long for a simpler life.

Anna Metzger's supposed
pillar-of-the-community boyfriend,
Rob Peterson, is not who he seems
to be. Frightened, she thinks the only way to get away from Rob is to go
into hiding, so she goes to visit her Amish friend, Katie.

While visiting Katie, Anna is recognized by her mother's friend and fears that she's placing her Amish friends in jeopardy. She contemplates returning home but does not want to leave Katie's brother, Henry, the man she
is falling for. However, Rob is determined to find her, even if it means
tailing her parents. Will Anna be
able to pursue a new life with Henry, or will she return to Rob in order to save those she loves? (AVON INSPIRE,
Jun., 240 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee